Manufacturing Sport Hall

Project name: Manufacturing Sport Hall in Bneslawa\Erbil Project area: 1685 m2 Weight of the structur84.341 tone:  Construction year:  2009-2008 Project location: Erbil\Bneslawa Number of staff:  2-17

Execution military camp

Project name: Execution military camp in Kasik ,Taliafar,Sulaimanya Project area: 67560 m2 Weight of the structure: 1390 ton Construction year:2009-2010  Project location: Erbil,Mosul,Sulaimanya Number of staff: 49

store hall in GOMAN Township

Project name: manufacturing and erecting cold store hall in GOMAN Township Project area: 1929 square meter. Weight of the structure: 58 ton. Construction year: 2009 Project location: GOMAN Township-Erbil. Number of staff: 16